Rejuvenation Catalog

Earlier this year I started working as a print designer at Rejuvenation, a lighting, hardware, and home goods store under the Williams Sonoma umbrella. My main focus is the catalog. I work closely with my creative team as well as buyers and photo retouchers to bring it all together 8 times a year. Its been really cool being part of a big brand like this, especially as they continue to expand more and more (a new store just opened up in Chicago, and a New York store is on the horizon!)

Rejuvenation branding is full of clean lines, negative space, and refinement, something I am proud to put my name on and add my own touch to. And I always love working in print, seeing a physical product at the end is so fulfilling. Its pretty exciting that this catalog that I have such a large roll in putting together is then sent out all across the country. That's hundreds of thousands of people seeing my work! 

Along with each catalog, we create an accompanying mini catalog that is about half the number of pages. I have been taking the lead on the mini, from scheduling to building out all the spreads to rounds of editing and final proofing. Its really rewarding to see those come through from the printer, to see all of my hard work manifest in a tiny little version of the big catalog.

It's been great working with everyone at Rejuvenation, and I'm so happy with everything we've created together so far!

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