The Institute

The Institute: Coming of Age During the Vietnam War is nearing the end of its run by the 2nd Act Players. There's still one weekend left, so don't miss out! 

For the past three weeks, playgoers have been enjoying the story of kids in military high school finding their way during the Vietnam War and creating lifelong friendships. Positive reviews have been pouring in, including this article from the Loyola Phoenix, and I'm so happy to say I was a part of it all coming together.

Once again, I created the poster and programs for the show. They all started out with this photo my dad had of he and his classmates in high school. It shows all of the kids lined up in their military uniforms about 45 years ago. The story is based on a few of these guys, so its seemed only fitting to use the photo as a visual representation of the play. After some back and forth and 60s posters education on my part, we decided to overlay a tie dye peace sign on top of the photo. The color against the black and white image further exemplifies the two competing ideals present at the time. Then I picked this tall bold condensed font to mimic the military students standing tall side by side. Upon completion, I was excited to hear that a bunch of high school classmates that my dad still keeps in touch with have hung the poster up in their homes as a reminder of the happy times they all shared and continue to share together.

I also got to create this magazine ad for the show, which was pretty fun.

I also got to create this magazine ad for the show, which was pretty fun.

There are still three shows left! Get your tickets here