From the Ground Up North - T-Shirt

From the Ground Up North has been reaching more people and gaining more readers and followers, so it was about time to create some marketing material. Matt wanted to make something that would get the word out even more as well as help fund his growing educational initiative. 

Just in time for the holidays, we created a t-shirt. Perfect to spread the word, even better if it can make people look good in the process. I had all sorts of grandiose ideas of printing on the front and back and incorporating the design into a pocket t-shirt, but due to the nature of a budding company we had to simplify. 

I picked a font that was strong, bold, and a little earthy. We went for a simple layout, incorporating the tagline at the bottom. I also had to simplify the logo down to 4 colors, which then made choosing the t-shirt color kind of tricky. We had to pick a t-shirt that both light and dark inks would show up on, and finally decided on dark grey. I was a little worried about the grey of the tools, but the printer did a white underprint to make it stand out more.

The final t-shirt color is even darker than I was imagining, but I think it turned out nicely. The design is very bold on grey and easy to read. So exciting to have a t-shirt I made, too! I'm gunna wear it all the time.

They are available for purchase at Buy one now to help From the Ground Up North bring you more stories and info about sustainable agriculture (and look good while doing it)! 

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