From the Ground Up North

My brother, Matt Frank, recently started a new project: From the Ground Up North, an organization dedicated to agricultural-based story telling, advocacy, and resource sharing in the Upper Midwest.

A Minnesota resident for the past 12 years, Matt has worked in sustainability and environmental advocacy. He holds certifications in both permaculture design and urban farming. From designing rain gardens and planting urban orchards to researching transit growth and serving on neighborhood committees, he always has his hands deep in ways to better his community. Now he has created a space to house and share all of his knowledge.

From the Ground Up North will highlight farms, businesses, and people in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. Even if you don't live in the midwest, you can follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and subscribe to the monthly newsletter

For my part, I took ideas my brother had and created the logo. It is like the agriculturist's coat of arms, including the states to be covered in the background. I also made facebook and twitter headers with the whole name written out, growing up out of the ground. I'm definitely a root-drawing pro now. We used all earth tones, as the main focus is on the earth. Hopefully he will do well and I'll get to expand some more on the initial concept for print items. I'd love to see this stuff in print as well as draw more plants and tools and nature.

So follow along! 

Also, see more of my work for this project here.