Portland-themed Bus Decals

I recently had the opportunity to design and illustrate some vinyl decals that would cover two buses for iHeart Productions, a Portland-based marketing company. They are focused on organizing branded events and interactive campaigns for their clients. Now, when they drive their team out to events, they can show up in their own branded buses. 


Since they focus mostly on other brands, they don't have a strong identity themselves. They want to be seen as a local company that can make big things happen, so we focused on the Portland theme.

Together we brainstormed and came up with 20 symbols of Portland. From there, I got to work drawing each of them in a way that wouldn't be too difficult to peel and stick as a sticker. It was pretty enjoyable, its not every day that I get to draw big foot. They were then laser-cut onto vinyl and stuck onto the buses in an organic pattern. 

This was a really fun project, and super exciting to see it all come together - from a computer screen to a giant bus. It was also a good way to learn more about a new city, having lived here maybe 6 months at this point. Plus, I always love making stuff about places. Now I should just make a bus for every place I've lived, right?


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