Dave and Taylor

One of my close friends, Taylor, just got married. We spent the weekend at a summer camp, having adventures, playing games, seeing old friends, and making new ones.

It seems so suitable to Taylor's personality to make her wedding be focused on spending time with family and friends. She's always been a great and caring friend, so I knew I had to do something great for her and Dave. After accidentally telling them I might make something, I was locked in. At least I had a pretty good idea.


I haven't done printmaking in a while, mostly because it requires a press and a studio in which to do it. But when I did do it, I really loved it. And this project seemed best suited for a print.

After carving a block of linoleum, I went searching for a studio. Thankfully, I found Radius, where I could rent studio time and make what I wanted to make. Everyone there was so nice and friendly and helpful. It was great to be back among like-minded art people. 


Since the wedding already had a bit of an adventure theme, and since both Taylor and Dave have traveled and lived all over the world, a map was the thing to do. I returned to my love of making maps and art about places - the main focus of my work senior year of college. 

One color for him, one color for her, and a middle color for both. Personalized, made with my hands, and from the heart.


Sometimes you need that extra push from a friend to keep on going, to keep making. Thanks Taylor and Dave, for the much needed inspiration. I'm glad you like it, and hope you find a good spot to put it in your new house. 


[I also just picked up some topographic maps from Scrap the other day. Time to keep on making, and keep on printing.]