Christmas Trivia

I went home for Christmas this year, and it was the first time in a while that my family all got together for the holidays. We made lots of good food, played games, hung out, etc. - all the standard things. 

Usually at my Dad's house on Christmas day, we eat a big meal around lunch time and then just hang out for the rest of the day. I got this really fun game that I was thinking about bringing to play, but then me and Daniel thought why not make our own trivia game? Personalized for the occasion and for the people (and one less present to buy). 

I based the set up and printed material on the trivia game I made for Daniel's birthday. So it was once again 4 themed rounds plus a half time picture round. Instead of birthday stuff, these rounds focused on winter, Christmas, and New Years, and the half time round was 'Name that Christmas Movie'.

I made the same answer booklets, question booklet, and rules sheet, as well as adding in a score sheet to easily keep track of everyone's score. I also switched up the design and fonts some, so the appearance was more in the spirit with the season. 

At the end, there were goofy prizes all wrapped up and everyone got to pick based on their score. Everyone said they really enjoyed it and it was a good balance of hard and easy questions. A good christmas challenge and fun for everyone to be take part in.

Afterwords, my brother took it home with him to replay at a New Year's Eve party he was hosting. While we played with 8 people, he did it again with 12 more people and said they all enjoyed it, too. I bet I could do a whole bar trivia, but I really like the design and making physical usable objects part of it. I'm just excited to see this idea continue to progress.

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