Talking with My Dad [part 2]

My dad put on his second play, Talking with My Dad, a few months ago and I did all the designs for it, just as I did for his first.

Both plays are about familial relationships, but while the first was focused on a certain time and place, this one was more about the complexity of the relationships themselves, specifically that between my dad and his dad. After reading the script I came up with a few ideas for how to put the feeling this play conveys into images. My dad was pretty open to any ideas, but when he saw this one he thought it was perfect. It shows that the parent-child relationship endures even after the parent is deceased. The parent is still aways there, even if he's not actually there. I paired the image with sterile blue tones of a hospital room, since the play takes place in a hospital. 

I used this image to create a few poster variations and email header, then translated it to the programs. I am a serial organizer and I've got a soft spot for anything in book format, so I really enjoyed making the program. Its always satisfying to organize pages and pages of information into something more comprehensive. I had to incorporate ads, bios, and patrons as well as a few other sections and I think it turned out really well.

This was a fun project and its always good to help out family. 

You can read more about the play here and see more of my work for it here.