Vibe marketing material

One of my favorite projects lately is the marketing material I made for Vibe of Portland. I previously wrote a bit about Vibe and what they do - seen here, but to reiterate, they are an organization that brings art and music classes to kids who don't have access to them as funding for art in schools keeps getting cut. Its something I care a lot about, making it that much more fulfilling to help them out. Hopefully the things I made will attract more people so that Vibe can continue growing. 

I created business cards and a postcard. For the business cards, we employed the colors from their logo, designating one color for art and one color for music. The postcard sticks with a neutral background to better display photos and information.

After a few variations of trying to make the front of the postcard look more 'artsy', we settled on a simple grid to get the point across. Sometimes I feel like if I am too minimal, the client will think they aren't getting what they paid for. But most of the time simple really is better. In this situation, the focus should be on the kids, not the design. 

I always love working in print and these were extra exciting to get back from the printers - since they're so bright and fun. They nicely convey the spirit of Vibe, equally bright and fun.

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