Race for the Animals

I've recently donated some of my time and designer skills to a cause near and dear to my heart - animals! 

Northwest Veg is a nonprofit organization dedicating to educating and encouraging people to make vegetarian and vegan choices for a healthy, sustainable, and compassionate world. I have been vegetarian for the past five years, and mostly vegan for 3 or 4 of those years, so its great to meet other people with similar ideas and be able to help them out with their mission.


Their big even coming up this weekend [June 28] is the Race for the Animals. It is a fun walk and run, with proceeds going to a local farm sanctuary.

Grow Creative had made such cute designs for a previous year's race. I updated those into postcards, flyers, t-shirts, newspaper ads, web banners, and a giant race banner. I keep seeing the postcards and flyers around town, and its awesome every time to see things I've made out in the world, especially when its for a cause I'm invested in. I can't wait to get a t-shirt on Saturday, too.

I hope they have a good turn out, to help as many animals as possible, and I hope I've aided in that number a bit.

If you're in the Portland area, there's still time to sign up!